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Browse our items in the store. Add your items to your cart. Add one Embroidery Details item from the store. There you tell us what to embroider on your items. You can email us your logo if it needs to be set-up. Just that easy!


Every logo needs to be programed or set up. The process is called "digitizing".


Order 144 pieces and the set-up of your left chest logo is FREE!


If you don't have a logo, and you want a quick design added to some lettering, we can help! Search our many stock designs that are ready to go.There is very little, that can be changed. But they are FREE if we have them!


We are available to help you with clothing solutions, logo questions, etc. Remember, not every logo is able to be embroidered just as it is. We may need to simplify your logo for embroidery if it is very detailed. Call Us! (724)225-3644

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* In order for us to embroider your logo on anything, it must first be set up, or "digitized". This is a process in which every stitch in your logo is plotted on the screen to create a program that is readable by an embroidery machine. We prefer a high quality .jpg image, but we can use a .pdf.

* Send us your logo via e-mail and we will respond with the cost to set it up. Your logo only needs to be set up one time. Once it is set up, your future orders will not require a new set up as long as you are using the same logo that has been set up.

* Order 144 pieces and your logo set up is FREE!

* Browse our site and add the Items you would like for us to embroider to your cart. We will quickly check stock and provide you with the details or ask questions if needed.



* Enter your logo name or logo code in the email so we can replicate your previous embroidery. Specific details are helpful as well

* If you prefer to just use our stock lettering, add the text to your email. Please verify the spelling of all text and personal names to be embroidered. Add the font from our selection, then add the color or colors you want us to use.

* Provide a good daytime contact number for us incase there are questions on your order.

* If you are ordering blank items, make sure you tell us that in the comment section. We may be able to ship them directly from one of our distributors, which may cut down the delivery time to you.

Service Details


While not every item is able to be embroidered, we do offer you the option of sending us your items to be embroidered. We prefer to use the items we offer in our store because we know they are stable enough to hold your lettering or logo. Because the demand to embroider customer supplied goods has increased, we will do them for you. Just be aware that you bear the responsibility for the durability of the finished product. In the event that we cannot embroider your items, we will notify you and ship them back. A few reasons they may not be embroider able would be because they are too thin, too heavy, have buttons or embroidery in the same location, or pockets either inside or out. We certainly will try for you!


We have become known for setting up logos for others. While there are many options for setting up your logo for embroidery, we can be a source for you as well. Even if you are not purchasing garments from us, or having us embroider your items, we can set up your logo. Simply get us the artwork, and we will take it from there. We are able to send it back in many of the common formats for embroidery machines.


Blank shirts have become a popular request in the last few years. Whatever the reason, if you just want blank shirts, we can provide them too you. Many of our customers like the color and size selection we offer. Finding a ladies medium in the same style and color in a men's 8XLarge is difficult. We have many shirts that fit that need. Because of the time it takes to place a blank order, and because we are already very competitively priced. We do not offer a discount on blank items. If they work for you, we are happy to ship them to you. Most times we will ship them directly from a distributor that may be close to you.


All of the items we have on our site are logo ready. This means that they can hold your embroidered logo, usually on the left chest, without any problems. If you have never had your logo embroidered, it is absolutely necessary to have your logo digitized and saved in a format that an embroidery machine can read. If your logo has already been set up, and you have in in either a .dst or .ofm format, we can most likely use that. You would then have no set up fee for that logo. Regardless, using our items, we can take you from start to finish in a reasonable time!


Delivery time is normally 2 weeks from the time we receive your order and payment. Because everything we do is custom work, your order must be paid in full prior to having us put a needle into anything. The items you request are no good to us once we put your lettering or logo on them, and we would not be able to resell them. If it is your first time with a new logo, it usually takes a few extra days to complete, as we like you to verify the sewn out logo before we proceed with sewing it on your items. If we have already done your logo before, we simply pull it from the file and away we go! We process all orders as fast as possible. Keep in mind, near the Christmas holiday, we do get quite busy, and routinely have to cut of orders to be delivered for Christmas.

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Our Pricing

We have very competitive pricing on both our wholesale and retail items. Because everything we do is custom work, figuring out pricing can be intimidating. We have eliminated the industry standard pricing based on stitch count. We understand estimating the number of stitches in your logo can be a challenge, so we just include your logo embroidered on the hats or left chest area. The only thing that may be additional is the one time logo set up and shipping. If you are interested in a large logo for a jacket back, just email us your logo and tell us how large you want it.